Delete projects from TFSpreview


  1. Open a VS2012 command prompt in admin mode
  2. Change to cd %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE
  3. Execute the following command tfsdeleteproject /collection:”” myprojectname

twitter bootstrap modal popup, customized size and centralized location.

When I try to make bootstrap modal wider than the default. It is not centralized anymore, here we need to modify the css to adjust the left margin to the right px. Here is a block of handy code to adjust the modal width by a certain percentage of document width and adjust the left margin to centralize the modal as well.

        backdrop: true,
        keyboard: true
       'width': function () { 
           return ($(document).width() * .9) + 'px';  
       'margin-left': function () { 
           return -($(this).width() / 2);