With YouTube new interface, how to copy YouTube playlist from another user?

With the old YouTube interface, when you play a playlist, there is an option at the bottom “Save as a new playlist”. After YouTube has updated to a completely new interface, this feature is gone.

For myself I am feeling frustrated, so here comes a weekend project youtubeplaylist.net. It provides you several ways of copying playlists with YouTube.


1. You can search a playlist.

Enter a keyword, it returns the same result from search in YouTube. Or if you know your YouTube playlist URL, you can copy to the search box.


2. You can copy a playlists with selected videos.

After you have selected the playlist, you come to this page and see all the videos from this playlist. Now you can select all videos or only the videos you wanted to copy. (You can preview the video by click the magnifier icon on left corner of the video tile.)  When you are ready, click continue to proceed.

e.g. a NBA playlist


3a. Before you get to the “Target Playlist” page, we will ask you for the permission of accessing your YouTube content, please select “Allow” to proceed.


3b. Select a target playlist (where you want to copy the videos), it can be a brand new playlist in your YouTube. Or the videos can be added to your existing playlists. It also works with your “Favourite’s”, “Watch Later”  and “Likes” lists. (The pink tiles are the special lists, and grey tiles are the normal playlists you have in YouTube )


4. Make the selection above, and you are done. Just wait for the service to copy all the videos to the targeted playlist and you can share them or just go to YouTube and enjoy them.


5. You can also manage your playlists with youtubeplaylist.net, register and login, on the top right corner, you can see your logged in email and click it to see a list of options. Click “Manage Playlist”.


You can bulk delete your YouTube playlists. (Please be caution, if you delete a playlist, all the videos under that playlist will be deleted.)


So please enjoy youtubeplaylist.net, and if you love it please share with your friends and support us. We will do better to make our lives easier.

Find us on Facebook,  http://www.facebook.com/youtubeplaylist.net

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