Delete projects from TFSpreview


  1. Open a VS2012 command prompt in admin mode
  2. Change to cd %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE
  3. Execute the following command tfsdeleteproject /collection:”” myprojectname

Setup close tab shortkey in Visual Studio, I find it really useful with Ctrl+W W, and Ctrl+W Ctrl+W

When I get used to the browser close tab short-key “Ctrl+W”, I kind of want to use the same thing for Visual Studio as well. I personally find it really speed up my process of closing a tab/ tabs.

So here I defined,

to close a tab: Ctrl + W, W

to close all but this: Ctrl + W, Ctrl +W

It might overrides some short keys to use the broswers in Visual Studio, which I never get a chance to use at all. I think the built in browser in VS sucks.

To find the place and define your short keys,

1. go to Tools –> Options –> Keyboard.

2. Find your commands: File.Close & File.CloseAllButThis.