XML transforms, SlowCheetah

I had been working with web applications with the web.config transform. Which is a great feature for the builds automation and deployments.

But it is lack of the support for other config files, such as app.config for windows service projects or console applications. Or maybe an xml configuration file in your project.

After I read the Hanslmen’s blog, I found this little plugin in for Visual Studio called “SlowCheetah”. It enables you to create transforms for any configuration files. How great is that!

Download the plugin and restart your VS.

You will see the “Add Transform” option once you right click the configuration file.


To read this Microsoft dude’s blog,


Enjoy the little time saver plugin.

Setup close tab shortkey in Visual Studio, I find it really useful with Ctrl+W W, and Ctrl+W Ctrl+W

When I get used to the browser close tab short-key “Ctrl+W”, I kind of want to use the same thing for Visual Studio as well. I personally find it really speed up my process of closing a tab/ tabs.

So here I defined,

to close a tab: Ctrl + W, W

to close all but this: Ctrl + W, Ctrl +W

It might overrides some short keys to use the broswers in Visual Studio, which I never get a chance to use at all. I think the built in browser in VS sucks.

To find the place and define your short keys,

1. go to Tools –> Options –> Keyboard.

2. Find your commands: File.Close & File.CloseAllButThis.


Nuget commands to find packages and install them

I have been using Nuget in Visual Studio 2010, it is a time saver and make my life a lot easier.

To use Nuget, open visual studio 2010 => Tools => Library Package Manager => Package Manager Console.

So in the console, you can type your nuget shell commands to list available packages and install them to particular project.

To list packages,

PM> get-package –listavailable Elmah

You will get a list of available packages,


To install a package, (such as Elmah.MVC)

PM> install-package Elmah.MVC 

Nuget will install Elmah and its all dependencies. It also setup the settings in web.config

Isn’t that awesome!

For a full reference of Nuget shell commands, check out this link