Windows Live Writer, the best plugin to insert source code

I have been having problems for publishing blogs from WLW (Windows Live Writer) when there are source codes embedded into the blog. It is always formatted poorly or messed up in html.

Here is the syntax we need to use for WordPress to format our source codes.


And it doesn’t look right if I post the blog using WLW (Windows Live Writer), and I figure out I need to modify the codes in the source view.


It is quite annoying that I have to do this every time. I have tried a bunch of plugins from WLW and none of them works right for me. Until I found this ONE!

What you need to do is, copy the codes from Visual Studio and paste into the plugin box. And configure a few settings. It will make it right for you. Problem solved!!!! HOOYA.

It is version 1.3.0, please download from here

Version 1.3.0  (Recommended)
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